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Unique games for a successful evening

Find here the best games to spend a moment with friends or a night out. Whether drinking games (because we know you've come for this) or unusual games that will make you have a good time with friends, Original Cup has found the best of the best, with a range of games, to say the least original.

Beer pong kit, original beer pong, card games or mini games, all means are good to have fun and have a good time with a game. The essence of Original Cup is the American-style party. What does it mean ? It means that we see big and we especially see an excuse to put the head upside down, in the best way.

Reinvent your evening and discover unique drinking games that you can go out in the evening. Beer pong and drinking games are activities that we all practice and that's why Original Cup has struggled to offer you games to drink at the best price and especially the must-have: quality!

Are you preparing for a chill night and not wanting to be "once again" in trouble tomorrow? Do not worry, we have the games you need. Playing cards on the news, mini billiard, toilet game, ... games that remind you that we are all children or grandchildren. If you share the same delirium as us, then all these games that will suit perfectly.

Come have fun with our products right here!

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