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Games to drink successful evenings

An evening ? Event ? Find ideas for drinking games is always hell and no one knows how to agree on the best game of the evening ...

Original Cup will concoct the cream of the creams of drinking games and beer pong games in the evening. Original games or remastered games with Original Cup sauce, find here the best games to have fun in the evening with drinking games, beer pong games and aperitif games. Original Cup, a specialist in beer pong, has created for you a range of unique drinking games that will set the mood for your evening.

More fun, more funny, harder to play, more original, all drinking games signed Original Cup have been tested by us and believe in our experience, they are perfectly suited to an evening with friends. Dunk pong, Original Target, The Mother Phocker, ... a whole range of unique games that will make you regret not thinking about it sooner. The only goal of Original Cup? That you spend a unique evening with your friends in the American way. If you always see bigger like the US, Original Cup has the equipment you need!

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