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The only masks of quality in the evening!

Do you like to terrorize your friends or make a sensation in the evening? Original Cup is a wide range of LED, electro light, half and latex mask. Did you like the movie American Nightmare La Purge? Do you like to scare your friends with a clown mask? Do you want to get around with a unicorn's head in the street? We have the evening mask you need!

Led masks that light up in the dark and evoke terrifying and disturbing faces, bright electro masks that light up to the rhythm of the music, funny latex masks and realistic half-mask to accompany your evening.

You can gather a group of friends and organize a disguised party with all the styles of mask you want: led, light electro, face mask and latex. Original Cup are the only ones to offer such a complete range of original masks because with us, the evening is an important moment and we know how to party. We have tested and appreciated all the masks we offer and that's why we guarantee you unique masks that will make you have a good evening.

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