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A neon atmosphere in your evening?

With the bright beer pong tables, you'll be out of the ordinary on a neon-themed party! If the beer pong is one of your favorite games, here you will find the official beer pong tables unique for your evening. Bright tables with spots or neon lights, put an electric atmosphere to your evening with frenzied games of beer pong! Our 3 models of beer pong tables combine luminous components to give relief and style to your beer pong parties.

Our beer pong tables, made of aluminum and plasticized wood, remain light and foldable and can be transported, even with neon lights! You can complete your evening with a light pong kit and our neon decorations, to give your beer pong matches a unique spirit. Bright beer pong tables, fluo balls and bright beer pong kits (with red cup), you're ready for an evening of madness!

Get ready for another way to play beer pong with Original Cup.

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