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Inflatable costume galore!

The disguised evenings usually it swells you? Want to revival, inflatable disguises of quality and changing disguised evenings boring? With Original Cup, discover a whole range of inflatable disguises of adult size perfect for your disguised parties and your theme nights. The Original Cup disguises are all more crazy and improbable than the others!

Take the role of a gigantic baby, transform yourself into a US football ball or T-Rex ... It's possible! All our products are resistant and will be perfect for a night out with friends. Easy to inflate, Original Cup inflatable disguises come with battery-powered fans, which automatically inflate your inflatable suit. Ingenious is not it?

You'll be sure to get noticed with an Original Cup inflatable costume! Our varied range will not fail to seduce you and make you return to childhood.

For those who really know how to have fun without taking themselves seriously, our inflatable suits are a must in the evening.

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