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All sizes for all tastes!

American cups of 53 cl, American goblets of 25 cl or shooters of 4 cl? Original Cup to everything you need! Brought back directly from the USA, the American cup, or red cup, is the trend of evenings between friends around beer pong parties and games to drink.

With the famous red cup of 53 cl that we see in all movies cult American nights, Original Cup has become the reference in Europe of the famous red cup to play beer pong. Also available in small sizes of 25 cl and 4 cl, the American Cup Original Cup are as resistant as the cups American 53 cl. For a party, a beer pong party or even a party, they will be perfect for all types of drinks, cold or hot, and can be reused for other occasions.

So do not wait any longer, this is where you will find the best red cups, because for Original Cup, quality comes first!

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