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The one and only red cup of 53 cl!

The big American cup, the Red Cup, in its pint format of 53 cl. This large American cup is the emblem of our brand Original Cup, a reference that has gradually become established in the evenings and tournaments of beer pong. Already classic in American nights, he is now in Europe. You've probably seen it in movies and TV series US!

The secrets of his success? It is primarily aesthetic, with a wide range of colors dedicated to stick to the themes of your parties and parties. It is also solid, rigid plastic. You can knock him down, do not worry, he will not break. Finally it is washable and reusable, making it a sustainable investment. This cup is a must for your parties, parties, events and of course your Beer Pong parties! You want choice but especially quality? Original Cup has the solution for you.

Why settle for a copy when you can have the Original?

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