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The real American goblets at Original Cup!

Did you dream? Did you see them in American movies? The famous American tumblers used in movies are in France. Original Cup has created unique red cups with irreproachable quality. Three sizes, for all occasions and in a range of exceptional colors, because the choice and quality is serious at the Original Cup! Find the classic 53cl format for big thirsty or your beer pong games, but also classic 25cl capacities or even 4cl shooters for those who want to finish the evening upside down.

Whether you choose the timeless red cup, a symbol of American student nights, whether you opt for the orange and black colors for Halloween or a red-white blue for sports events and events, Original Cup offers all American cups for all occasions. You'll also find our new models of American Silver and Gold tumblers, for a sparkling Christmas or New Year and our range of colored summer goblets for your hottest summer!

And since we bet on quality, they are washable and reusable! Do not choose the copy, choose the Original!

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