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The best beer pong kit in Europe!

An evening to prepare? A party to organize? Do not worry, Original Cup has everything planned! The original beer pong kit made in Original Cup will allow you to have fun in the evening with your friends around a good part of beer pong. No need to go right to the left to find all the necessary products for a part of classic beer pong.

At Original Cup, we create beer pong kits with original products for your party, such as the square cup with a hexagonal cup format, perfect to put a basket more easily! We also have our bright beer pong kit with bright beer pong balls and light cups. Our beer kits will suit all styles and moods. Red cup and beer pong are the perfect beer pong kit for unique beer pong games!

All you have to do is find your beer pong tables and drinks for game nights with your friends with memories of memorable beer pong matches. Once the beer pong kit in place you are ready for duels at the top!

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