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Discover the inflatable buoy of your dreams

For all those who need to unwind in the sun in the pool or at the beach. The inflatable buoys made in Original Cup are perfect to spend a unique moment in the summer. You will find here all the unique design of inflatable buoys adapted to your tastes and your desires. No need to search 3h on the internet a buoy that will resist only to spend the summer (and again).

Here, no longer doubts about the quality of the inflatable buoys, made of resistant PVC, the Original Cup inflatable buoys will be able to serve you for all the next summers. To put a fun in your pool, nothing better than a fun inflatable buoy fun and fun: unicorn inflatable buoy, inflatable buoy toucan, flaming inflatable buoy and many more are waiting for you for unique summers!

Wait, are you still here? Do not wait and will quickly discover a range of inflatable buoy that will bring all your friends home for afternoons with memorable friends.

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