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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

More than a beer dispenser, a real quality deco!

Around a table, nothing like a beer dispenser to quench the greatest thirsts. This is a must have for those who want to combine love of beer, friendliness, friendship and fun.

Many models of beer dispenser are products that are waiting for you. From the top of these 3 liters of beer, our large beer dispenser will leave no thirsty without drinks during your evening. But also many models of Original Cup beer dispenser are waiting for you such as the 1.5 liter fire extinguisher and many more ... Original Cup products such as beer dispenser can be used as a refill during games. Beer pong and can be placed on a beer table for example.

Moreover, because today we have to be mobile, one of our best-selling products, our special Festival Beer Jet-Pack with two backpacks, two pistols to draw and fill any empty glass like a desperado. There is even a small bag to distribute the cups. Seriously, with this accessory you will quickly be very surrounded.

Beer dispenser made in Original Cup will be perfect in your living room in the evening, or during a beer pong party, and allow you to let your guests serve themselves, but with style. Do not put pressure on yourself, drink it!

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