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Beer pong tables with unique designs!

Do you like beer pong and dream of having your own official beer pong table? Discover our beer pong tables with unique design among our many decorated models: player, oldschool, foot us, belgium, ... From the classic models of reference, while passing by the sporting models, until the models taking the colors of country or It's hard not to find the beer pong table you need. Design qualities, which will match the moods of your parties or your personality.

The official beer pong tables, signed Original Cup, made of aluminum and plasticized wood, our high quality beer pong tables are solid, fully foldable and transportable (integrated handles). Light, you can take with you in the evening, weekend or a barbecue afternoon. Original Cup is the reference of the official beer pong table in Europe.

So do not hesitate a second, train a team of beer pong, surround yourself with the best shooters and get some beer pong.

It's time to play, and it's time to drink!

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